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Killing Off Skype Classic

Skype ClassicIf you haven’t already heard, Microsoft decided to replace the Skype Classic with their Skype App that almost NO ONE likes.

How Microsoft Highjacked My Computer Removing Skype Classic

I experienced Microsoft’s controlling behavior around the beginning of February 2018 when I restarted my computer and suddenly this application started installing itself on my computer WITHOUT my permission.

I didn’t even know what it was until I saw this strange login window and it said it was for Skype.

When I logged in, nothing looked the same as Skype and everything was confusing.

I tried to do a search online, but found NO reports of anyone else having issues with their Skype Classic disappearing.

I tried to click on the several Skype icons on my desktop (I have several different Skype handles, and this allows me to run them all at the same time), but they wouldn’t work.

How Microsoft Hid Where to Download Skype Classic

I started getting very worried and upset until my website coder figured out that now you have to choose “Skype Classic” from their drop-down menu on the downloads page.

Saying that, EVERY time I restarted my computer, Microsoft would FORCE it’s new Skype App onto my computer and I’d have to go around in circles downloading the Skype Classic to over-ride the Skype App. All this and I wasn’t even using Windows 10, I am on Windows 7.

No One Else Experiencing This Stress

Every so often I’d check to see if anyone else had complaints, and the only place where it looked like there were some complaints was on Microsoft’s community forum.

Since I don’t like the fact that Microsoft recently shut down the Skype forum and forced everyone to move over to their Microsoft forum, I didn’t bother.

Even my website coder has complained about the forum and how the mods mark threads as resolved when they aren’t.

Microsoft Removed Skype Classic From Their Drop-Down Menu

Then two weeks ago around the third week of February 2018, Microsoft REMOVED the Skype Classic from their drop down menu and I once again freaked out.

I found a site that had the installer, so I used that.

Complaining on Microsoft’s Community Forum

That’s when I started going onto Microsoft’s community forum and complaining about what was going on. I wasn’t the only one, but there still weren’t a lot of people complaining compared to the millions of people who use Skype.

I also had clients who were complaining to me about how difficult it was to use the new Skype App.

Oddly enough, my other computer which also runs Windows 7 did NOT have this issue. I’m still able to run Skype Classic on it. I have to assume there are many other people who are still allowed to. My website coder thinks it’s because Microsoft is rolling out the change slowly, but it still makes no sense to me since they removed the Skype Classic from their servers.

Microsoft BLOCKS You From Installing Skype Classic

Then last week you couldn’t even use the other sites’ installers. Midway through, Microsoft BLOCKS you from even trying to install it.

Microsoft and Their Community Forum

Everyone on the forum is now furious, and because even Microsoft’s forum is poorly designed, people are reading old comments first and aren’t seeing the new comments. They are reading the comments about where to get the Skype Classic which of course no longer works.

Microsoft also had issues with their forum, because I typed up all the reasons the new Skype App is terrible and at the same time I saw that they removed 7 pages of comments and edited one of my comments.

Today I went on there to respond to people and saw that the 10 pages were back AND my comment was gone, so I had to waste my time typing it all up again.

Here’s the List of Differences Between the Skype Classic and the New Skype App

  1. Skype lumped ALL the phone calls in with my contact list which makes the whole thing VERY long and messy. I can’t even find my contacts as they are just thrown in together with the phone numbers I’ve called.Why can’t they just┬ámake another tab just for the calls?
  2. Microsoft took away ALL the privacy settings, so now I can’t tell Skype who can instant message (IM), call or video chat me. Before you could tell Skype to accept or reject calls from: and then choose from a radio bullet of “everyone” or only people on my contact list.
  3. Microsoft took away the ability to save our conversations, although now that it’s on the cloud that is probably why and there is a way to export the conversation, but I haven’t tested that out. Also, the cloud only saves conversations for upto 2 years.
  4. We can’t decide on the sound we want when we get a call, whereas we could before.
  5. I can barely read the text because it’s VERY faint, and small, and we can’t change it like we could before with the Skype Classic.
  6. I also asked them to change things back to how things were around four months ago when they made this MAJOR change even with the Skype Classic.Microsoft stopped us from being able to TALK to people who instant message us and aren’t on our list. That’s even IF we had that feature checked off in our preferences. In fact now you can’t even see any messages UNTIL you accept their request to add them to our list.

    I’ve lost business because of this.

    This has been a SECURITY risk to EVERYONE because we NOW have to add people to our Skype list JUST to find out who they are.

    This allows scammers, fraudsters and hackers to get access to our computer.

    Like before, I want to be able to TALK to the person FIRST and THEN decide if I want to add them to my list.

  7. The new Skype shows you a popup when someone instant messages you, but then it disappears and there’s NO indication you even have a new message, so someone can instant message you while you are away from your computer and months could go by and you would never know.With Skype Classic, it stayed highlighted in your taskbar until you clicked on it.
  8. Another thing that Microsoft changed about a year or so ago – before when someone called you and you didn’t answer, the Skype window would stay up on your screen so you knew someone had tried to call you.They took this feature away and I got into a fight with someone a week later when I thought he disappeared, as he had a habit of doing that. He never instant messaged me to tell me he tried to call me (that’s on him) and he assumed I would somehow know he called me.

    Of course Microsoft never BOTHERED to tell us they were getting rid of this crucial feature, just like they didn’t tell us they were getting rid of ANY of the features I mentioned above, OR that they were going to force us to switch to the new Skype App.

This behavior of Microsoft isn’t new, unfortunately. As a company overall, they have always tried to control and force their customers into doing whatever THEY want.

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