Protect yourself with a VPN

Here’s my recommendation to protect yourself with a VPN

Protect yourself with a VPN

While I do recommend this other VPN as well, this VPN I’m currently using is much more secure, and here’s why…

If you are seeking full on protection with the knowledge that the VPN you are using won’t hand out your private logs of your surfing activities to the government, this is the way to go.

After using 3 other VPNs, I’ve come to learn the basic ins and outs of VPNs. I’m still not a geek, but I didn’t realize that many VPNs will keep logs and hand them out to anyone if forced to. Finding a safe and secure VPN that is also easy to use and gives you relatively good customer service, plus speaks and understands fluent English is hard to find.

This is the third VPN and hopefully the last I will use to protect myself from the prying eyes on the Internet.

While their pricing is in EURO, it comes out to around $6 USD/month and that’s month per month.

It stays online 99% of the time unless my laptop shuts down because of the battery AND, it has a kill switch that will shut down all access to the Internet if the VPN stops working.

So far it’s the easiest VPN I’ve used, their speeds are pretty good, and they have a fair selection of servers in various countries.

I’d give it a try. What do you have to lose?

This company is also very well known in certain circles.

Let me know how it goes if you sign up.



Protect yourself with a VPN

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