How to block your IP

How to Block your IP Address

How to block your IP

In this day & age the Internet NO longer joins Global Earth together by erasing all lines in the sand. Everything from classified sites, video & TV sites to search engines prevent you from using their service if you don’t live in that country.

What’s worse is if you want to hire someone from another country to do your work for you, they may not be able to. This restrictive mentality has always irked me making it so difficult for netrepreneurs to run their businesses easily.

Examples of people who need a VPN

That’s what happened to me when I wanted to hire someone in the Philippines to post ads on a classified site in my city. After wasting both her time & mine, I realized I need something stronger to block her IP address.

I had already tried several different free options with no luck, so I had to search around & find a solution that would not just block her IP, but also give her an IP for my country.

Another example of why a VPN is needed, Canadians are restricted from watching TV shows Americans can watch on let’s say Hulu.

Plus many expats have this problem when they move to Central or South America or even overseas to Asia. They want to be able to watch TV on Hulu or download e-books to their Nook or Kindle & they can’t because these sites have become sooo smart in detecting you are outside the US.

People used to use Hotspot Shield before, but now even Hulu knows to recognize that & blocked me from watching TV. Hotspot Shield also caused me problems with my browser, so the free versions don’t always work, or they work for a short period of time & then stop.

What is your solution?

So here’s the VPN service I recently paid for & my worker used. They have servers in many different countries (not just one), they responded to my query in a timely manner, & the software was easy for my worker to figure out & she is not technically advanced at all.

They have different packages & the rates are all reasonable. The only thing you have to do which I don’t like, is renew manually every month, it’s not automatic.

If you want to access the US to watch all your TV shows, click  here

Plans for a US VPN range from:

  • $4.16/month (if you pay annually)
  • 9.95/month (if you pay monthly)

They also offer a 3 day money back guarantee

Hope you enjoy this.


How to block your IP

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