Calling all parents…

Even though this is not a business tool, it’s a tool for life (a parenting tool), & it’s even taught me a few ways I can deal with team members in my company.

I decided to place this here because most of us are parents, or mentors, or grandparents, foster parents, big brothers, or aunts, uncles, older siblings, etc.

If you aren’t, you must know someone who is a parent & needs help.

In this day & age, most parents are very busy either running a business, or working to build their career.

Free time is barely an option, & even those of us who work from home so we have more time with our family find parenting to be very exhausting.

Long gone are the days when most kids were “well behaved”, now we seem to have been dealt a bunch of kids who are defiant, disrespectful, “know it alls”, & even abusive either emotionally, verbally or physically.

In the last year since my son turned 16 (soon to be 17), I started to encounter major problems with him from hacking into my business computer, to refusing to get a job, to hanging out with kids who made him more wild, him going out till all hours of the night. Then he started stealing from me, making fun of me with his friends & even to my face, the constant lies, & manipulation & the list goes on.

The nightmare was getting worse & worse, I was at my wits end. My business was put on the back burner while I had to deal with this kid who turned into my worst nightmare.

I didn’t even know what parental abuse was until last year.

I went to every social help agency I could find, & came across social workers who didn’t help & some almost blamed me for my son’s dysfunctional behavior, or they wanted to help split up the family without trying to teach us how to solve the problem.

I then sought out a therapist (psychologist) who didn’t communicate well or made too many mistakes & wasn’t quick enough to help.

FINALLY I found the answer to my problem.

In today’s society even though we are told we should care for our kids, in high school & college we STILL aren’t taught how to parent properly. We are told (or given the hidden message) that we as parents have to suffer because they are “just kids & it’s normal”.

Well I’m telling you now it’s NOT NORMAL, & if you are a parent who’s being abused by your kid(s), you need to take action today.

I only wish I had come across this parenting course years ago, but I am not going to whine about what I didn’t do, I’m only looking forward from here on in.

Please look it over. They even have a payment plan & a 30 day money back guarantee.

I swear if you care about yourself & your kids, this will change your entire perception on how to raise them & how you think about your situation.

Let us know what you think.

While there are never any guarantees in life, I love this program to bits & highly recommend it & I’m not even done the complete program, I’m only on lesson 4.

Their parent support line has also helped me to brainstorm & also vent when I needed it most.

I hope it helps you & your family.


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