1shopping cart (also known as Marketer’s Choice) also has an e-mail or newsletter service software service and you can create unlimited lists, but you can’t change the snail mail address like you can in Aweber.

It’s a little more basic than Aweber’s list software, so if you are looking for a more robust e-mail or newsletter software, then I recommend you go with Aweber, BUT what 1shopping cart has that Aweber doesn’t, is a Pro Package that includes the following:

  • a shopping cart, so what this means is that when someone purchases from you, you can have a list created that they automatically get put on. They don’t have to opt-in (meaning they don’t have to click on a link to approve going on your list because they already purchased from you.), so they can start getting e-mails right away.
  • of course you can broadcast out to the list as well (all e-mail or newsletter software should have this feature) which means you can send out special announcements to your list that aren’t pre-created.
  • they have a tracking system. Basically what you do is create a special URL which you put underneath words or a banner or whatever. Any time someone clicks on the text ad or banner ad and signs up or purchases your products, the URL will track this. You can put these URLs literally anywhere you are marketing, even on your Google AdWords campaigns.Then you can see which ads/banners, etc. are giving you the best results and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.This also allows you to do split testing with 3 different website URLs, and this is a VERY good feature to have.
  • affiliate software. You can start your own affiliate program and not have to bother with purchasing more software, it all comes under one roof.
  • forms – you can create forms with them and put them on your site, but I only use this for their auto responder part, or to collect a list if I’m about to launch a new product and then I want to announce it to that list.
  • analytics area – now I really haven’t used this since they launched it several months back, as I prefer using Google’s Analytics software, but the point is that 1shopping cart has it now.

So once you get the Pro Package, the savings are clearly evident because getting all those services separately would cost you a ton more, and if you aren’t sure, they do offer a free one month trial I believe, at least that’s what I went on initially and I’ve been with them for almost 3 years now.

Also most of the online internet marketers and online copywriters use one shopping cart and have been with them for years. In fact Marketer’s Choice is the same as 1shopping cart, it was just branded by one of the leading online marketers so he could sell it himself.

Let me know how it works for you.  smile


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