Domain Registration – Fabulous

While I still continue to use Go Daddy, I did switch most of my domains over to Fabulous & here’s why.

Go Daddy raised its prices a couple of years back, & I privatize all my domains, so one domain was costing me almost $20. Fabulous came out with FREE privatization after years of refusing to even consider privitization, so I was happy.

They also offer a tiered package, so the more domains you have with them, eventually the price drops. Not by much, but it’s something.

My complaints about the company is that they are in Australia & they don”t offer phone support. If their tech support could understand English I probably wouldn’t have a problem, but for as long as I’ve been with them, my e-mails are never UNDERSTOOD the first time around & now I have to always ask to speak to a manager because I get upset at the stupidity of their tech support.

They used to asign you a rep & even then I had problems with them understanding me & vice versa, but they did away with that & now I have to deal with just regular tech support. I don’t understand why there are always problems with them, there seems to only be one supervisor there that understands me most of the time (Cameron).

They also have issues with their banking. They claim they don’t have this problem with ANY other client, but I find that hard to believe unless I’m their ONLY American customer. After years of dealing with Fabulous with no issue, my bank suddenly started rejecting the credit card payments. I was using my debit card, then I had to switch to my credit card, but even then it became a problem after a few months.

I’ve gotten conflicting answers from Fabulous (again the stupidity thing), one person telling me it’s because they don’t have CSS requirements in place, they just let all orders go through, others tell me they do. All I know is that my bank feels this company is high risk & experiences a lot of fraud, so I have to call my bank’s security department every so often & get them to release the hold so I can pay for domains. To be clear, I don’t have to do that with any other vendor & I purchase a lot online. Not a ton overseas, but I’ve purchased with Site Point before & they are also in Australia.

Needless to say, Fabulous didn’t jump to help me with the problem, I had to waste a lot of time trying to go back & forth between the 2 & resolve the problem on my own, so I am not fond of their support.

But, if all you care about is cheaper domain registration, Fabulous is the place to go.

Another feature I like about their interface is you can add profiles to your account so when you add a new domain or transfer one, you just pick the profile you want your domain to point to instead of having to search for DNS numbers.

I don’t like their interface otherwise, I sometimes get lost & I’ve been with Fabulous for years now, so it’s clearly not user friendly.

So you have 2 choices now when it comes to domain registration.

Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. I used to use them to generate a smidgen of money on parked domains. In fact that’s why I started with them, but I found over the years I didn’t make any money, so I switched everything to Sedo. I still don’t make a ton, but it’s better.

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