How to get Microsoft Office Picture Manager

So I personally love this piece of software for viewing images, but like all things that are great, Microsoft got rid of it after Microsoft Office 2013.

If you still have any version of Microsoft Office below 2013, you can still get it.

Here are the instructions to first search if it’s on your computer:

Click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools

If its not there, then that means it was not installed.

Here are the instructions to install it on your computer:

Click on Start, then type into your search bar “Programs and features”

Hit Enter

Scroll down until you see Microsoft Office

Click on it

Click “Change on the command bar”

Click “Add or remove programs”

Click “Continue”

Expand Microsoft Office Tools

Click Microsoft Office Picture manager so it’s no longer red

Select “Run from my Computer”

Click Continue

It will now install Microsoft Office Picture Manager onto your computer

To make it your default software for viewing images:

Find an image on your computer

Right click on it and go to “Open With”

Scroll down to “Choose default program” and click on that

Choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Now you are all set

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