Affiliate Data Feed Software

Are you an affiliate looking for Affiliate Data Feed Software? Honestly, I had no idea what this was until I started researching this for a client who originally wanted Pop Shop. My client was starting a shopping site & wanted to sell all sorts of products. Well as I learned, had we gone with Pop … Read more

Seeking Guest Bloggers for Business Topics

I am Seeking Guest Bloggers for Business Topics My blog revolves around business, so if you have a related business website and want to guest blog, please contact me. Here are my Guest Blogging Requirements Title – should be as creative as possible. Language – American English, informal and free flowing. High standard of grammar … Read more

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Do you have more than one WordPress site? If you answered yes to this question then you HAVE to get this WordPress tool to manage multiple WordPress sites Many small businesses use WordPress to manage their sites, and when you run a WordPress blog, every time you have to do an update of WordPress itself … Read more

Affiliate Software

Affiliate Software for Your Affiliate Program If you haven’t already started an affiliate program for your online business, now is the time, and if you aren’t a very large company, you will need affiliate software to start. An affiliate program allows people to sign up under your affiliate program. They then put links, text and … Read more