Information about buying a car

After reading this article about car salesmen (salespeople), I kind of felt sorry for them & don’t have as much empathy for car dealerships. There’s some good information in here both about buying a used or new car & who you should really be going after when you want a good price. Hope this helps … Read more

Coupons to save when you spend money

In this day & age everyone is looking for Coupons to save when you spend – savings of some kind. So if you are the type that LOVES to save money, I have found the site for you. I’ve used this site now around 5-6 times & each time I was thankful I saved the … Read more

Calling all parents…

Even though this is not a business tool, it’s a tool for life (a parenting tool), & it’s even taught me a few ways I can deal with team members in my company. I decided to place this here because most of us are parents, or mentors, or grandparents, foster parents, big brothers, or aunts, … Read more