Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Do you have more than one WordPress site? If you answered yes to this question then you HAVE to get this WordPress tool to manage multiple WordPress sites Many small businesses use WordPress to manage their sites, and when you run a WordPress blog, every time you have to do an update of WordPress itself … Read more

Social Media made Easy

So personally I can’t stand the interface on Facebook & Twitter & with the fact that Facebook keeps changing their interface every 2 weeks, who can keep up? So I was so excited when I came across this software that allows you to keep ALL your social media accounts under one roof. It’s Social Media … Read more

Drop Box File Sharing

How to easily share files online using Drop Box File Sharing So I had heard of dropbox, but didn’t think I really needed it until I started dealing with two companies that wanted my drop box account, so I had no choice but to sign up. Once I started using it, I realized what a … Read more