Should You Use A Co-Packer? The big question is, should you use a co-packer for your food business. Remember, you are giving up a lot of revenue when you use one. If you decide to use a co-packer, how do you navigate the maze of the food industry? First of all, what is a co-packer? … Read more

Tips on Raising Capital Funds For Your Business

The backing that equity holders or lenders furnish a business is called capital funding. Capital funding itself usually comes from bonds and stocks. The business receiving the backing uses the capital funds as operating capital; usually the holders of the bond and equity receive benefits over time, such as interest and stock appreciation. Venture Capitalists … Read more

Boost Profits

5 Ways to Boost Profits for Small Business Small business owners and entrepreneurs will likely experience a host of challenges when they launch their first business. Though the obstacles will seem daunting at first, there is no topic so problematic that cannot be overcome. In fact, anything that goes wrong early on serves as a … Read more