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Social Media Made Easy for Small Businesses
So personally I can’t stand the interface on Facebook & Twitter & with the fact that Facebook keeps changing their interface every 2 weeks, who can keep up?

So I was so excited when I came across this software that allows you to keep ALL your social media accounts under one roof. It’s Social Media made Easy in my opinion.

It lets you post or tweet to all of your accounts at once (what a time saver) & gives you the owl shortener right in the posting window.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t reviewed all the features, so if I’m missing a few I apologize.

I was concentrating on Twitter & it even lets you see who has retweeted your tweets & other data you need to know to keep your Twitter account working for your business.

Of course if you are a social media expert who has tons of clients, this software is a MUST have, but I imagine you already have it.

Almost forgot, it has an app for your phone so you can post or tweet easily on the go & yes you can add LinkedIn too.

There’s a free account, but for any business with multiple fan pages, a Twitter account, LinkedIn & other social media accounts, you will end up needing the pro account, as there’s a maximum of 5 accounts for the free version, but they even give you 30 days free to try out the pro account.

So I hope this social media software helps you to streamline your business & you move towards saving yourself time, getting yourself more customers & growing your business.

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