Drop Box File Sharing

How to easily share files online using Drop Box File Sharing

So I had heard of dropbox, but didn’t think I really needed it until I started dealing with two companies that wanted my drop box account, so I had no choice but to sign up.

Once I started using it, I realized what a benefit it is to sharing files instead of e-mailing them, especially if you are working with a team of people.

It’s REALLY useful for transferring very large files like audio & video files.

You can protect folders or make them public. You have control what folders people see & don’t see.

I also used drop box to transfer files from my laptop to my desktop.

Now that I know how it works, I do see a reason to use it & while I don’t use it every day, once you get used to it, you may find you will use it more.

It’s free, so what’s the harm in signing up.



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