Theft in the Workplace

Ideas on How to Stop Theft in the Workplace

Theft in the WorkplaceHere are ideas on how to stop theft in the workplace whether it’s a fast food restaurant or an office environment.

The greedy or untrusting employer or owner of the company will assume all of his employees will be greedy, so he will keep all things under lock and key and never give them anything for free.

Amazingly the common theme with employers or owners who want to promote trust in the workplace is that they gave free things to their employees, or trust them to just take what they needed.

Solution to Theft in the Workplace Example #1

The story goes, that a large office type company started seeing large amounts of waste and therefor a loss of money on the books. Their policy was that each employee had to sign out for office supplies.

Because the employees didn’t want to have to sign out a pen at a time, they would grab a whole box of pens, or a stack of writing pads. Since there was so much left over, they would take a lot of it home with them.

To solve the problem, they decided to leave the supply cabinet open so people could take what they needed.

Suddenly the company’s wasted decreased by around 30%.

Solution to Theft in the Workplace Example #2

A man owned several convenience stores and he decided to tell all of his staff that they could have all the chocolate bars and coke that they wanted, but they had to leave the wrappers and empty cans in the “damaged goods” box so he could write them off as an inventory loss.

If they were working that day, he also allowed them to have one pack of cigarettes, but they had to sign for them, and only the staff member they were replacing could give it to them at the end of their shift.

Because of this, he had very little if any theft and inventory loss. He also started to notice, that over time, the amount of empty coke cans decreased due to it no longer being a “thrill” to steal the coke.

He also noticed that if an employee caught another employee stealing, they would have a CHAT with this employee which either made them stop, or they quit shortly thereafter.

Solution to Theft in the Workplace Example #3

Another man owned a pizza place, and he allowed his staff to make one extra large pizza per shift and there were no restrictions on what they could put on it. The only caveat was that they had to finish the entire thing. They couldn’t waste it.

For new employees they took advantage of this offer, but for employees that worked there every day, who wants to eat a pizza every day? It eventually phased out and they rarely made the pizza.

Solution to Theft in the Workplace Example #4

Another owner of a pizza place admits that pizza mistakes happen. Sometimes he would give them to the staff to eat, but if he noticed a lot of mistakes, he wouldn’t reward them. He would either give the freebie to the customer who had been inconvenienced, cut it up as a free sample to customers walking in, or send it to the local homeless shelter.

His policy was that at the end of every shift they made s staff pie. The staff could have whatever they wanted on it even including shrimp or clams. He noticed they usually just wanted cheese and two other topics, they weren’t pigs about it.

He also made medium or large cheese pizzas when they opened because some of the staff would come from school or practice and be hungry, so he feed them.

When his staff was at work, all fountain soda was free, bottled drinks were half price, and for those of age, they would get a free beer or wine at the end of their shift.

To treat them even better, he also offered a 50% discount upto $30 on take out pizza for staff and their family.

Because of how much he trusted them and treated them with respect, he had the best employees and he trusted them to do their best for him.


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