Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) For Short

Are you about to get involved with a multi level marketing company?

 multi level marketingHere is my view on this industry although they go by many different names now to hide the fact that it really IS a MLM company.
There are several reasons why I can’t stand multi level marketing companies, and a lot of these distributors don’t even know they are working with an MLM company. These MLM companies stopped using that word because it had such a negative connotation to it, so they started calling the industry something other than what it really is.
  1. Usually the company is very poorly run. The only thing that makes it a success are the tons of people who go around telling everyone to buy their products. They don’t have to advertise, the people do it for them. If I am your friend, and you trust me, you will buy from me because you trust me. That’s how it works.
  2. The upline that brings person B in usually has no clue how to run a business or be in a management position. Not unless they were a distributor at another multi level marketing company and they know the game.

    I’ve had uplines ignore me (this was with Young Living), and I’ve even contacted THEIR upline and was also ignored.

    Other than shipping you the products, the actual company knows or does very little, as all they usually do is point you back to your upline. It’s VERY frustrating.

  3. If you criticize the company AT ALL, or just say you don’t like something they do, I’ve had my upline refuse to talk to me anymore, or call me negative or that I’m a unhealthy person, etc.

    I got more stressed dealing with that behavior than anything the company did to me. And this attitude wasn’t with just one MLM company.

    It’s a culture of domination and control where they brainwash the distributors into thinking that if ANYONE says anything negative to you, it’s because they are jealous and don’t want you to succeed.

    They preach rainbows and fairy tales.

    And I find, that the people who enjoy this type of culture, are people who enjoy being brainwashed and dominated in a passive aggressive manner.

    This is the culture in EVERY multi level marketing (MLM) company I’ve seen or been a part of.

  4. Usually the products are great (or so they say) and some are, but others aren’t, and the distributors don’t even know or care if they are great because they are so brainwashed into NEVER questioning anything. They just accept everything the company says.
  5. It’s ALL hype and usually no substance. For example, everything is a party with loud dance music, an expensive cruise, a prize if you bring in this many people, etc.

    It’s a form of brainwashing that I’ve experienced it too. This happened to me at a company that sold business seminars. It was GREAT fun, until I realized I spent close to $5,000 on business seminars, and I was poor at the time. Long LIVE credit cards – NOT!!!

  6. It’s ALL about bringing in people who sell the products. If I just want to buy the product, eventually they will try to convert me to sell.

    This culture of trying to get EVERYONE to join and sell too has decreased some over the years, but usually on the websites they give you to promote with, that link/button is there in plain view, so if I just wanted to sell the product to others, I can’t, without that getting in the way of me selling.

  7. Of course they train you to sell to EVERYONE you know, so many people have alienated their relationships with family and friends by convincing them to buy and spend a fortune only to have everything fall down around them.

    Go do a search for how many people lost their best friends or family members, and while yes, they are responsible for their own actions, these distributors are OBLIVIOUS as to how their behavior is coming across.

  8. The company usually forces you to BUY their products every month, and if you don’t, you don’t make a dime selling to anyone else. Or they don’t let you stay as a distributor, so even if you are broke, they force you to buy. This is what happened to me with Pre Paid Legal back when it first launched in Toronto, Ontario. And it’s a monthly subscription which has to be renewed.
  9. The companies convince you to buy all of their training material and products so the company makes a fortune, while these distributors are usually always only one step away form being in debt.

    Many people have spent thousands of dollars on this stuff and NEVER made their money back, let alone a profit. That was sort of my first experience with Unicity. Great products though, loved them.

  10. I’ve been around the block many times with several MLM companies since 1999, and my sister is with Herbal Life.

    I can’t even ask her how many hours she works per month vs how much money she makes, because she’ll get upset and refuse to answer my simple question.

    She and several of her friends opened a retail store and all invested lots of money in this storefront along with her of course spending over $200 every month on Herbal Life products.

    This isn’t usual of MLM companies, but they took the business model from Latin America that seems to work over there.

    And i can’t tell you whether it’s finally become a success, since I don’t speak to her anymore. I do hear every so often from family members that she’s CONSTANTLY trying to convince them to become distributors. This is even AFTER they say no years earlier.

  11. It’s a well known fact, that the ONLY people who make tons of money are those at the top. The distributors down below make nothing. I think they mean the top of the pyramid.

    I don’t understand the financial business model and I’m sure very few others do either because it’s so complicated.

    I believe every multi level marketing company is different in how they dole out the money, but the concept is still the same, top makes money, the bottom doesn’t.

    AND they convince you that even if you stop selling, you will still get residual income for years to come, but I once talked to a distributor (don’t remember which company she was with) and she told me that the minute she stopped working, all of the checks started drying up.

    If it’s TRUE residual income, that wouldn’t happen, so clearly something is wrong with the business model.

  12. They sell the concept as a business opportunity, but, in my opinion, it’s not a TRUE business and you aren’t a true entrepreneur, because you are beholden to the  multi level marketing company, you don’t actually own anything, you are just a distributor who builds your own little cluster of sales people below you.

    If something goes wrong with the products or the company itself, you have absolutely NO control over it.

So I wrote this article about multi level marketing companies just to educate people about what they ate getting into, or if a family member or friend is about to get into. Of course the decision is yours and yours alone, but it’s better to be educated and have facts.

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