Backing up your computer

Without a doubt, backing up your computer so you can restore it later on, is VERY VERY important.

Backing up your computer

You don’t even have to be in business for yourself for this to be one of THE most important needs for every computer user.

How many times have I heard that a person’s hard drive crashed and they lost all their data, e-mails, files, word docs, pics, work, etc.

If you are a business, backing up your computer is even MORE important, because losing financial information, work in progress such as creating designs, writing a book, other company files, data or webcopy for your website, will cost YOU tons of money, not to mention the stress involved which isn’t healthy.

The time it takes to recoup the data would be unlimited because not only do you have to pay someone to do that, you are waiting on pins and needles to see what you lost and what’s really there so you can restore your computer to the way it was.

Then you have to wait until they are done trying to see what they can recoup, and you can’t even use the new computer or hard drive until that’s done.

Honestly I always slacked off when backing up my computer. There was never a user friendly way.

First many years ago I used zip drives which took forever and I had to use around 10 just to back up my computer, then I used a writable CD which also took around 5 and I had to keep inserting a new one when the other one was done. I also had to stop everything just to do that time consuming backup process. Then I got a writable DVD drive, but I never learned how to use it, and that little stressor kept going off in my head, “what if I lose everything one day!“, my computer has problems periodically and it is a reality that something could happen when we least expect it.

Then another issue is, what if I want reformat my hard drive, it’s a full day’s job and the restoring of all the data is time consuming and stressful.

THEN I came across several automated backup programs that would backup my data to a cloud, but every time I used one of these, I had problems when I went to restore the data that had “supposedly” been backed up.

Turns out either not all the data was backed up or non at all was backed up.

I went through companies who had their tech support in India & they couldn’t understand a word I was saying.

FINALLY I came across Crash Plan. Their staff is in the US AND so far I’ve been able to restore my data when I needed it.

The price was also much better then the other two I had used. Even though it’s a monthly fee, it’s somewhere around $7-12/month.

Their customer service is also very fast, and I’ve been using since late 2010.

I feel much more confident now, and I don’t have to do a thing to remember to backup my data. That is a HUGE benefit for me besides the price because this product backs up the files I’m working on, so I don’t even have to set the time, but if I wanted to shut off certain areas of my computer from backing up, I can do that too.

Their software is also very easy to use once you follow the instructions or get them to walk you through it on the phone.

Write me if you have any problems or your experiences with Crash Plan and have fun with it. smile


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