Business Recommendations to Business Owners

Hi all,

My name is Michelle (you guessed it LOL) and I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1989. I turned netrepreneur (means I run a businesses online) in 2002 and have been learning how to grow my business into a successful internet business ever since.

After running around in circles chasing my tail for the first 3-4 years, I finally started to understand how running a business on the Internet works and at least knew the basics and more about what producing quality online is all about.

I started sticking with quality vendors who gave me small business help and I recently decided, that if I had been chasing my tail, I’m sure many other entrepreneurs have been doing the same thing. That’s when I decided to start my first business blog to help you grow your business. I don’t always have time for business blogging because I am very busy juggling several businesses, but I do the best I can.

Even if your business is more offline than online, these companies I recommend (I use 90% of them myself for my business), will give you the small business help you need.

Why waste time searching around for quality companies. Remember, Time IS Money.

Quality is of the utmost importance to me, and I hope it’s important to you too. That’s when it comes to hiring independent contractors to work for my team, all the way to the vendors I hire to provide me with business products and services.

If you ever want to talk to me personally, shoot me an e-mail. If I have the time, I’m here to help.

Some products I am not an affiliate for, but most I am because I see nothing wrong with making a small percentage recommending products that I use to others.

If I don’t use a product, I’ll be open and honest about it, as honesty is one of my middle names.

I’m also sooo honest, you will see me list both the positive and negative points about a company just so you have a heads up and aren’t left surprised.

I know people are still struggling in 2011 which is exactly why you shouldn’t just be winging it when you decide with which company you should give your money to.

Saying that, things are looking up and I hope you have a positive outlook as well.

All the best in life and business.


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