Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Do you have more than one WordPress site?

If you answered yes to this question
then you HAVE to get this WordPress tool to
manage multiple WordPress sites

manage your wordpress accounts

Many small businesses use WordPress to manage their sites, and when you run a WordPress blog, every time you have to do an update of WordPress itself or one of its plugins, you have to log into your account manually and do the update.

Every time you want to add a NEW plugin to your WordPress blog you have to log in manually to each and every blog and add the plugin.

Well now that day is over

This service also does the following: (features are dependent on which package you choose)

  1. You can delete a plugin from all your WordPress blogs.
  2. You can install or clone WordPress easily.
  3. You can delete spam comments right from the dashboard and it shows you which blogs have spam.
  4. You can manage comments from all your blogs (approve, deny, etc.)
  5. You can add or delete new WordPress sites in less 2 minutes.
  6. You can backup all your WordPress sites.
  7. They have SEO features such as being alerted when your traffic decreases by a certain percentage & tracking keywords via multiple platforms including Social Media.
  8. You can add the same user to multiple sites.
  9. You can manage the same links on all your blogs.
  10. You can post the same post to multiple blogs.
  11. You can configure the uptime monitoring so you are notified when & if your sites go down.
  12. You can have the system notify you when there are updates pending so you can log in, click “update” & you are all set.
  13. For advanced programmers who use PHP, they have a “Run code” tool. This powerful tool allows developers to quickly perform read/write operations on multiple sites. It uses a PHP function to execute the PHP code you enter on multiple sites at once.

I’ve been using this this service for just over a year now and I CAN’T work without it. You won’t realize how much time you save until you start using it.

The monthly rate runs anywhere from $15-50 depending on which package you want and how many sites you need to add to your dashboard.

I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to make your business life easier.

Do you have more than one WordPress blog?

Let me know if you have any questions.



1 thought on “Manage Multiple WordPress Sites”

  1. I just realized another great feature with ManageWP, is their newsletter.

    I normally don’t look forward to newsletters, but theirs helps me find plugins I wouldn’t have normally known about & they review them too.

    As I learned from them, choosing the right plugin & theme is crucial. There are sooo many plugins out there that are poorly coded & risk the security of your WordPress site, so this is important.

    Hope that Helps.


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