Increasing the Links to Your Website




If you are a website owner, you know that one of the most important factors to getting ranked high up in the search engines, is links that point to your site.

Most people don’t know how to get a lot of links pointing to their site, or they just trade links which doesn’t count as much towards your PR (page rank) as one way links.

In order to be successful, one needs to have a link building strategy in place which most businesses don’t know how to implement.

Most small, medium & even large businesses aren’t SEO (search engine optimization) savvy, so they avoid dealing with SEO altogether even if they are maintaining their website.

Even if a business or website owner knows a bit about SEO, knowing who to trust in order to hire someone is hard in the search engine optimization or link building industry.

Many so called SEO guys will “tell” you they know a lot about search engine optimization when they know very little, or they use black hat methods to try & get your website to the top of the search engines. Once that happens, your site will eventually be banned from Google which is even worse than NOT being on page one.

Many businesses run for the hills & try to ignore their responsibility in implementing SEO practices because to hire an SEOer can run you thousands of dollars every month (many of the top SEO guys can charge you $300/hr.).

Let’s face it, search engine optimization is a full time job, plus you have to keep up-to-date with every change Google makes which isn’t easy for a business person.

So I was more than thrilled when I came across a company that helps your business deal with link building. They take the worry out of your hands even if you already have someone doing all your other SEO tasks for you.

While this won’t necessarily get you to the top of the search engines if your site isn’t optimized in other ways, it will DEFINITELY get you started on the right path AND, the bonus is that their pricing is terrific.

Oops, forgot to mention that with their program Increasing the Links to Your Website also has a money back guarantee that they will deliver your order on time or your money back.

Another BONUS, their tech support is ALL US based.

While I haven’t used them yet, I plan to do so within the next month.

So let me know how it goes with them, & I hope you get your site that much closer to being on the 1st page of Google & all the search engines. Who knows, this may be the push YOU need in order to get there.



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