Coupons to save when you spend money

In this day & age everyone is looking for Coupons to save when you spend – savings of some kind. So if you are the type that LOVES to save money, I have found the site for you.

I’ve used this site now around 5-6 times & each time I was thankful I saved the money I did because:

  1. it’s a great way to try out new restaurants just in case you don’t like the food
  2. you can tell if the company cares about you as a customer

Groupon is also a very hip company that keeps growing every day, so they are in the US & Canada & tons of other countries as well.

What you do is sign up to receive notices for your city in your inbox, then every day you read them over. If you are near 2 cities, sign up for both.

If you are interested in the restaurant or company (they have more than just food), you order the groupon. If it’s not to your liking, just delete the e-mail.

If enough people also order once you’ve ordered, the groupon goes through. If they don’t get enough buyers, the groupon doesn’t go through & you aren’t charged.

Then you print off the groupon from your account, or they even have an app now that you can use on your smart phone.

You decide when to go to the establishment & away you go, just present your groupon once you arrive.

You can even review the companies which helps Groupon so they know whether to sign them up again, as they care about quality & customer service.

Things to note:

  1. There’s a deadline, so you need to make sure you order within the 24 hour time frame
  2. If the company ends up not providing you good service, etc. Groupon may refund you. I had a situation where the company never provided their phone number & I wasted time driving around waiting on hold while Groupon tried to find me the number so I could call before I went over.I even took a chance & drove by the address, but couldn’t find the place, so Groupon took care of me.
  3. There’s a deadline (listed on the groupon) as to when you can cash in your groupon, so make sure you go within a few months after you’ve purchased.

So enjoy your savings, I hope you find some real gems.


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