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Sound good? AWeber’s unlimited follow up autoresponders increase sales, lower costs,
build lasting customer relationships, and increase your profits!

Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.
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Aweber is one of the leading companies that develops e-mail marketing software so you can send out pre-scripted e-mails to your pre-sales lists, client lists, or do on-the-spot broadcasts.

As you are reading this, you probably have an online business and you know the importance of having one or more client lists. That’s what Aweber software is for, it makes it easier for you to create these lists and manage them!

Here’s How it Works

  • First, you write the e-mails and tell Aweber when and to which lists you’d like to send your e-mails to – e.g. a welcome e-mail upon signing up for your newsletter, reminder of something on the second day, promotion on the forth day, etc., it’s up to you to decide;
  • Second, you create the “sign up form” via the Aweber software – it is easy and quick – you write your questions, and decide in what order you want them to be shown (you can always change both the questions and their order);
  • Lastly, put the code on your website –  then, it is ready to use!
  • Now you can create more e-mail messages scheduled to be sent out for different reasons.

Aweber helps you to bond with your clients on your lists, find out what they need, and eventually to increase your sales.

In addition, I also send surveys that I create myself with this survey software – it is very important to know what your customers need, what they think of you, and how you can improve your products and services.

And here is exactly why I use Aweber

  • Aweber allows me to use a different address for every list. According to Can Spam laws, you have to use a snail mail address in order to be able to send out e-mails to your list. With Aweber I can change that address for each client list! I don’t have to create a different Aweber account for every company or website I own; I just tweak each list according to how I want the public to see it.
  • Aweber also has ways to track who is buying from your list. This way you can send out different e-mails just to the people who haven’t purchased.
  • Aweber gives e-mail web analytics – it tracks how many people open the e-mails, how many bounces I have, what time of the day e-mails get opened and so on.
  • Aweber tells you which version of your e-mail (long or short) people like more.
  • Aweber recently came out with blog newsletters for your blog instead of just using RSS Feed which not everyone reads.
  • I believe that Aweber gets my e-mails delivered at a higher rate than 1shoppingcart does.

You can watch this video here too…

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications
So as you can see, Aweber is one of the top notch list building e-mail delivery systems in the market and what’s good about it is that it keeps on adding new features.

For these reasons I recommend Aweber, as they are used by the majority of netrepreneurs due to its functionality and performance

I hope I helped educate you about business in some way. smile


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