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Well unless you’ve been living under a rock or you are brand spanking new to doing business online, you should already know who Go Daddy is.

I’ve been using Go Daddy to register domains for years & one thing I can say for them, they have 24 hour support.

Their support can be ok one day & moronic the next, & I tend to get upset because everything takes forever to accomplish, but at least they answer the phone & their call center IS in the US not overseas, & out of all the tech support people I’ve spoken to, I can only remember 1 or 2 having attitude, the rest are nice & work hard to get your issue resolved.

I can also access the office of the president if things ever get bad enough where I need to go up the ladder. As far as I know, you can’t do that with other domain registrars because they just aren’t large enough a company.

When dealing with domains, their interface is one of the easiest to use & they notify you several times before a domain is about to expire, so I always rant & rave about that part of Go Daddy as one other domain registrar ( is nasty to deal with. I won’t go into the hell I went through dealing with them & how I almost lost over 300 of my domains, needless to say, just Google their name & the word “complaints”, & you will see how bad they are.

Go Daddy also has a myriad of other services for people just starting off online like hosting, web creation, etc. I’ve never used those services, but again, if you are just starting off online, it’s a good first option until you really start to grow your online business.

Before I forget, I always use them for my SSLs, as they are the cheapest, & now they have a bundle SSL package that will save you money if you need SSLS for upto 5 domains (I think it is).

My biggest complaint about Go Daddy, is the owner/president Bob Parsons forces us to listen to his style of music while on hold, & he refuses to change it (or so I’ve been told), but I think now you can press the # key to hold without music. LOL

Let me know if you have any questions, but it’s safe to say Go Daddy is a reliable company that has been around for years & isn’t going anywhere, & they actually care about us as a client.


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