Top 5 CRM Tools for Small and Medium-sized Business Owners

These are the Top 5 CRM Tools for Small and Medium-sized Business Owners
Proper selection and implementation of business tools and strategies can revolutionalize a business investment to new heights. When it comes to online businesses, the selection of applications to install and launch in the particular website is a matter of great importance. A perfectly selected CRM system will do a business a great good and on the other hand, an informed decision will be equally consequential. If you operate a small or a medium-sized business, the type of the CRM solution that you choose to implement in your business should be scrutinized thoroughly before purchase. With so many CRM vendors claiming to be at the top of the industry, conducting a research forehand is paramount.

Whichever CRM software you choose to settle for, the success that you realize will be determined by the understanding that you have for the requirements of your business. What you must keep in mind is that CRM systems from different vendors and representatives come with different features. The reality is that even if software is great, it will be useless to you if it does not support your business’s requirements. What makes this field of the corporate society unique is that if you cannot locate a readily made solution, you can always request for a custom CRM system. So, are you looking for a CRM for your medium size or small online business? Below, I have compiled a list of five of such tools that you may want to consider.

  • Salesforce – This is the ultimate CRM tool for businesses operating ‘on their own’. It will help users maintain a modest employee base, bring in more customers and retain them. The cost of this CRM system may range from $10 to $60, depending on the edition that you are picking.


  • TimetoNote – this is perhaps the most user friendly CRM system that existing small and medium-sized owners use in their businesses. It comes loaded with rich features and functionality that enable users to collaborate efficiently, interact, share emails, contacts, notes, projects, tasks and so forth with partners, employees, customers and more. In addition to offering an interface, it provides an interaction with Gmail accounts and Google calendars. Where you would want a no-nonsense tool to track and interact with your customers, this is a great choice where you make month-to-month payments.


  • Sales Nexus – This is an incredible CRM system for making sales and with a package of marketing tools, it helps generate leads, manage them and close more deals. With great similarity to this all-in-one tool will greatly automate your sales force.  Prices start at $35.


  • Solve360 – This is the perfect CRM tool when you will want to consider a solution that can help you in client management, focusing on deals, organization of projects underway and it helps ensure your punctuality when responding. This CRM system is not offered as a free version – monthly charges begin at $39.


  • WebCRM – This is a CRM tool that small and medium-sized businesses can use to track their leads and their customers. When you want to consider a system with rich reporting features on upcoming functions and events, then this is the tool to go for. Additionally, it comes with an excellent emailing feature so that your business will be keep up-to-date and be alerted to all future tasks.

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