Web start-up Tweaky.com hunts for a “founder apprentice”

I think this is a great idea to get in on the ground floor of a new startup company, but I caution everyone to really analyze whether you see the company’s product or service taking off.

Also make sure to vet the owners. In this case it’s a good thing that 99Design aka SitePoint, is behind this company.

Web start-up Tweaky.com hunts for a “founder apprentice”

“Australian online start-up Tweaky.com is on the hunt for a “founder apprentice”, who will work closely with the business’ co-founder Ned Dwyer on day-to-day operations. Tweaky, which describes itself as the world’s first marketplace for minor website …”


Wow, didn’t realize this was going on, but it only makes sense, as so many people these days don’t have the hard work ethic we’ve had in previous generations.

Not that I think you should kill yourself working, but I feel it’s the opposite of what the last 2 generations were like.

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