Informtation on content marketing

I know it’s hard to be on top of content, unfortunately this is now a MUST when it comes to running your business online.

Since Google released their penguin algorithm, if your site isn’t providing fresh content often & on social media, you won’t have a hope of showing up on page 1 let alone even have an online presence.

Their penguin update hurt a lot of businesses & now SEO will cost businesses a lot more than it may have in the past.

I know you will probably say you don’t have the time to do all of this, so hire someone to do it for you. I’m becoming a lot more active in content marketing & it’s not as hard as it looks if you have the right tools.

What you need for content marketing

Content marketing is an absolutely immense topic.  It can span everything from social media to traditional print and mass media and even event marketing. Great content marketing is a grind.  Doing it well requires patience, persistence & productivity. To me and my BloomThink customers, content marketing means giving away high quality information, insight & tools to boost awareness, spur a transaction & deepen relationships.  Your goals vary depending on where the customer is along her journey with your brand.  But ultimately, content marketing helps organizations guide, speed & shortcut that journey rather than only showing up at the finish line.

Here’s a short video explaining what content marketing is all about.

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